Saturday, October 19, 2013

Gates of Pearl-God Sized Dreams

Excitement, excitement for me, because Gates of Pearl is a project I've been working on for a very, very long time and am so happy to finally complete my small dream.   I have all my loves into this, love of God, love of  photography, love of quilting, love of knitting/crochet, love of stamping,  love of reading, love of flowers all combined together.

 I'm not a writer, so creating a book is really just a love of photographs and words from the Bible ( and some other's written inspiration, photos with scriptures along with a couple of prayers and inspirational pieces.   I've created this into 3 separate books (which can be ordered in softcover or as an e-book)  from HP Magcloud :

 I thank my heavenly Father for the inspiration and gift of creation and Holly Gerth ( for the encouragement through "God Sized Dreams".

As always, anytime you try to encourage other's, which I hope that this does, it always comes back and refreshes yourself.    Blessing to you, Michelle


Zinnias and more Zinnias

Garden Zinnia's the workhorse of the garden, I've really enjoyed playing with them this year, so many beautiful shades of colors.
Linking up with Pink Saturday today too, go check out all the pinks,
with Beverly for Pink Saturday:


You can't see to much in this photo, but the hanki is a really pretty fall one that I'm enjoying using.
Happy Pink Saturday, enjoy His beauty all around.  Blessings, Michelle


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